WE are Hiring!

Slowly, but steady, we’re growing. As we strive for perfectionism, we want quality to stay in the first place and maintain enough room for originality and creativity, to always exceed our customers expectations. Hence we’re looking for great talent to join our little family here at Leander Riedl.

EditorIal manager

Leander Riedl is currently searching for a full-time Editorial Manager to join the team. The Editorial Manager is the voice of Leander Riedl and responsible for providing quality insights into our work, projects and experiences. Translating our thoughts and view into the right words and taking our customers by hand, breeding beautiful imagination, reflecting Leander Riedl’s core values of understatement, humor, unobtrusive design and quality. The primary responsibilities of the role are to manage and further build our journal, the newsletter, our social media accounts and collaborations with magazines and newspapers.

The ideal candidate is a natural writer, great at nurturing relationships, enjoys to work on new ideas, takes pride in transforming his own ideas into reality, and is a skilled multitasker. At best the candidate is a native english speaker living in Germany.


We are also searching for a great Illustrator, a Photographer and a Filmer, that want to take the creative experience of Leander Riedl to the next level, proactively working on new approaches and giving them an honest try.

If you want to create something iconic with us, please fill the form below to submit your application.
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