Almost everything new


The ones following my journey most likely have already recognized that we started to use a new typography and a new type of pictures. For the ones that were curios about what changed and asked about what is happening, I described it this way: imagine you have a really strong understanding of an idea. A sense, an understanding of how to see the world. Imagine you get older and wiser over the years (in my case four years of making). It is what happened to me and Leander Riedl. Over the last years, since I started with a design idea, I was able to experience so much impressions - of which very much all where first impressions - that I subconsciously developed an even more defined understanding of how to see what is happening around us and how to decode this feelings and thoughts into my design, pictures, words; essentially decoding my ideas into what Leander Riedl stands for.

I learned, that the things which are most important don’t always scream the loudest. And if you want to make room for your most important things, it often has to do with less. Less distractions, less emails, less texts, tweets, messages and meetings. For me the question rising was: how do I design the purpose of Leander Riedl, to reflects those values.

Over a lot of thinking I finally was able to translate my various thoughts about this topic into one single sentence: it 's understatement, that leaves the imagination free to build its own elaborations; but only for the rarified eye.

Meaning, I want Leander Ried to be unobtrusive. Interesting for the ones discerned. 

Seeing this exact same point from another angle: I don’t want my design to hide from the world, but I want my design to not set oneself on stage, claiming to be „more“ than others. For me it is about less confrontations with people feeling offended by the message "the stage is mine“.

Leaving more space to be. In the exact same moment. 


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Leander Riedl