The typeface for our time - Paul Renner


When it comes to Typefaces, there are more options to chose from, than you can actually count. Sure, depending on what you want to reflect there are some do’s and don’ts, but still - how do you decide, which typeface fits your project best?

With each saying something different and setting the style and tone for the story visually to be explored by the viewer, answers don’t come easy.
In our case we set out to find something clean, minimal, standing for elegance, with a timeless touch, preferably iconic, but definitely understated in its appearance. Basically: we wanted a typeface, that reflects our products and design approach.

As we got deeper and deeper in researching a typography that might matches our criteria, we eventually stumbled over Futura. Clean, minimal, yet understated and becoming more and more iconic, it already would have been a great fit.
But did you know, that it was Paul Renner, a German typographer and designer, that is responsible for the typeface Futura? 

Known in his time as a remarkable painter and teacher, Paul Renner is best known for designing Futura typeface nowadays. Paul Renner never wanted to play a role in the Bauhaus movement, rather than becoming an advocate of its aims and principles and evolving into a leading proponent of the “New Typography”.
Drawn in 1927, the Futura typeface became the milestone creation of twentieth century typeface and influenced the modern typeface designs as it stands as a landmark of modern graphic design. Futura was launched as “the typeface for our time” and can be seen as a bridge between the traditional 19th century and the modern 20th century design.

Having discovered this story behind the Typeface Futura, how could we not have made it part of our brand identity!?

Renner has definitely some lessons to teach, when it comes to guidelines for sophisticated book designs. If you want to dig deeper and get back to the routes of modern graphic design, Die Kunst der Typographie (The Art of Typography) and Typografie als Kunst (Typography as Art), are must-reads.

Futura typeface - Paul Renner.jpg
Leander Riedl