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Leander Riedl has always been about uncompromising quality, great design and understanding our friends dreams.

Our friends are many and diverse: essential partners in conception, design, production and media, but there is one group of friends, that is perhaps the closest and most important of all: the owners of Leander Riedl items.

By owning a Leander Riedl item, you make a very direct, very significant impact on our concept. Consider yourself a patron: every purchase allows Leander Riedl to take an extra step on this uncompromising design and engineering adventure.

If you own an item from Leander Riedl, you are more than a friend. You are part of the engineering division.


Dear Friend, welcome to the engineering division!



Where we meet our friends


We are convinced the quality of our products says it all. Nonetheless, we are happy to constantly meet people along our way, that share our view on design and quality.

In the beginning of 2016 MONOCLE discovered us and featured Leander Riedl in their September issue as an example of a ‘maker with a vision’.

In 2017 we have been nominated for the German Design Award – ‘Excellent Product Design’ and were nominated for the Design Award in 2018 the second year in a row.

Alongside we are happy to see our story and items in various renowned magazines and newspapers, such as Lufthansa Exclusive, Centurion Magazine, The Heritage Post, J'N'C, Gala and many others.